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Me and my family happen to get handed a crappy card about 7 months ago when we got forced out of our home and had no choice but to become homeless ever since then we have been fighting tooth and nail to keep a roof over our heads. My fiance is working everyday 12 hour shifts just to make a living and it’s just not enough I am currently looking for work after recovering from a slip and fall incident that happened when we first got to Tampa (6 months ago ).

We just want to be able to live normal again even if it’s a trailer it would be a place to call home and a place the kids can run around and play with there toys. Even if you can only donate 5$ it’s something it’s a start if anyone knows what its like to hit rock bottom and loose everything and force yourself to pull yourself back up when you have nothing or nobody but the people that became homeless with you and they can’t do anything but stay positive and keep going hoping and praying a miracle will happen one day. it’s an exhausting life and I just want to be happy again I want my kids to be able to get up in the morning and eat at an actual table and be able to watch Spongebob on a TV. If anyone has it in them to donate even a 1$


Please help