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Increase Funding on GoFundMe Kickstarter Indiegogo YouCaring in 10 minutes

1. Connect your Facebook account to your GoFundMe Kickstarter Indiegogo YouCaring account.

Why is that?
Validation increases fundraising.
A lot of people (before putting money) would like to know you are actually you.
More tips:
Do the same for all social networks, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

2. Change your Facebook cover photo to a GoFundMe Kickstarter Indiegogo YouCaring ad.

Use your GoFundMe Kickstarter Indiegogo YouCaring photo (+ logo) as your Facebook cover photo.
Why is that?
Increase exposure: People need to be exposed ~3-4 times to your campaign before they pledge.
Validation (see above)

More tips:
Do the same for Twitter, Linkedin, etc.
Do the same for all team members

3. Work with a Team

Create a special section for your team on the campaign page and describe the team, who does what etc.

Why is that?
More people on board means more funds.
Validation (see above)

4. Make sure someone already backed you up (even your mom).

Why is that?
When people reach your campaign page and they see the zero funds you raised this is a #fail.
Create some social proof and market validation by making sure you raised some money before people reach your campaign page.

5. Be direct with friends!

If you ask friends to share your campaign on their wall, you will get social shares.
If you ask friends to back you up, you will raise funds.
Be clear about what you ask for.

6. Ask for feedback from strangers.

When you reach out to people and ask for their money, you automatically create discomfort.
When you ask for feedback, people actually take the time to examine your campaign.
Listen to their feedback and ask what is needed to get their support.

7. Reach each friend 3 times

On average, people need to be exposed ~3-4 times to your campaign before they pledge (through the Facebook news feed, messages, etc.). This is human nature.
Keep a reasonable gap of about 7-10 days between each message/update. Do not spam.

8. Use personal messages.

Only about 4% of your Facebook friends actually see your Facebook posts (and it is always the same 4%).
Send a personal email message to each friend in order to increase exposure. This is the best way to raise the first 10,000 USD.

9. Last reminder

Make sure you notify your friends 3 days before your campaign ends “this is the *last* option to pledge”.

Why is that?
The tendency to procrastinate is human. Your friends are human. Let them know it is now or never.

10. Reaching out to strangers (not yet)

Sharing your campaign with friends and family is what makes any crowdfunding campaign work so well.
Not only will the people in your life support your campaign, but they will also help spread the word to their friends as well.

Only after sharing the campaign with your friends/family/fans and raising 5000 USD (at least) you can reach out to strangers.