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That’s because we have years of experience in running public relations for entrepreneurs, startups, existing businesses, and nonprofits of all sizes and in all sectors.

Whether you’re looking for small business public relations or big business social media we’ve got you covered.

Become the next Crowd Funding Exposure and Promotion Success Story Today!

After years of helping clients as a hybrid of a traditional pr company and digital agency offering comprehensive social media advertising, we’ve cultivated the widest possible array of talent.

Among all of the insights and expertise we’ve acquired over the years one golden nugget of knowledge stands out and shines through above and beyond all others:

Affordable public relations and social media promotion can be as effective if not more effective than expensive public relations companies and fancy schmancy digital agencies.

How do we know? We’ve worked with (and sometimes competed against) traditional public relations companies, boutique public relations agencies, and the most dashing of digital agencies and delivered results they could only dream of.

Ask yourself a few very important questions….

  • Is it necessary to sign with a high-profile PR company and give them suitcases of cash every month for media representation?
  • Do you need to pay thousands of dollars to a book publicist to have them pitch your book to a deaf or distracted audience?
  • Where is the written law of the land dictating you must send a digital agency a bank wire for tons of money so you can get good public relations?
  • Does a DIY approach to writing your own press release and then paying up to $800 to a press release distribution company make any sense?


Repeat after me: NO!

Since 2004 we’ve focused on affordable PR and serious social media promotion to help promote a crowdfunding campaign for people who have big dreams but small budgets. Quite by accident, many people approached us to run public relations campaigns for them and get the word out about their book or their business via PR and social media. From March 2004 to April 2016 we never advertised such services to the general public or even suggested we do any such thing…. and yet people found us, called us, and persuaded us to take on their PR project. And quietly… we did.

What did we do and how did we do it? We translated our very reasonable pricing for advertising a crowdfunding campaign and adapted those same services – at the very same prices – to give people affordable pr services and social media promotion.

Now we’re making it official and a matter of public knowledge; CrowdFunding Exposure has entered the arena as a mainstream public relations firm capable of delivering your message to the masses for very modest fees.

It doesn’t matter what your message is or who your audience is. We’ve provided PR to thousands of crowdfunding campaigns covering every possible product, service, book, film, or non-profit cause you can possibly imagine. We’ve executed public relations campaigns and social media strategies for electric bicycles, designer watches, fancy toy tops, sex toys, short films, feature-length motion pictures, established music artists launching a new album, brownies, gluten-free food, intelligent kitchen appliances, children’s books, science fiction books, romance novels, do-it-yourself computer kits, soup kitchens and homeless initiatives, sexy g-strings, flannel shirts, swimming suits, clothing that helps you lose weight, sneakers and shoes, Bluetooth speakers, video games, iPhone apps, wallets, camping tents, food trucks and just about anything else you can possibly imagine.

Regardless of your industry, your product or service, your cause, or your message – CrowdFunding Exposure knows exactly what to do to help you increase public awareness in delivering your message to the world. As a proud member of the PRSA  (The Public Relations Society of America), you can trust us to deliver effective pr services and social media engagement to meet your needs while saving you tons of money in the process.