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Note: As of March 1 2023  Have a look at our ‘New” packages and camaign rewrite services. We have lowered some of our prices and increased some of the services in other packages to help you in this time of need

Note: As of October 2020 we reached 52,000+ Advertising campaigns! We have lowered some of our prices and increased some of the services in other packages to help you in this time of need

COVID-19 Update March 2020 – We are still actively working remotely in 5 countries and will continue to deliver the exact same level of service we have had for so many years.

Note: As of June 2019 we reached 45,000+ Advertising campaigns! We know you have choices and Thank you for choosing us for your Advertising needs.

Note: As of April 2017 we reached 38,000+ Advertising campaigns! We know you have choices and Thank you for choosing us for your Advertising needs.

Note: As of June 2016 we reached 20,000 Advertising campaigns and in an effort to keep costs low we have stopped updating this page with recent “Success Stories”.

Here are some Kickstarter & IndieGoGo Campaigns:













































LVL – The First Wearable Hydration Monitor





































Here are some GoFundMe success stories before we reached
20,000+ advertising campaigns:

Testimonial CrowdFunding Exposure Sergiu Tabirta

Dragul nostru prieten! Ieri seară,pe data de 12/14/2016,în jurul orei 2am,a căzut într-un accident groaznic. El acum se află la Grand Hospital,în orașul Columbus,statul Ohio. Doctorii i-au amputat ambele picioare(mai sus de genunchi),are o mînă fracturată și fața lui este desfigurată în proporții mari.

$116,139 of $130k goal Raised by 1,897
Raised by Sergiu Tabirta

Testimonial CrowdFunding Exposure YouCaring Dagan is Rad Beat Leukemia Fundraiser

On December 13th, 2016, Dagan’s family received the heartbreaking news that he was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL). Everything changed in that instant.

$19,261 of the $20,000 goal. Raised by 271 donors
Dagan Is Rad! (Beat Leukemia Fundraiser)

Testimonial CrowdFunding Exposure Help Children of Yemen

Yemen is in need of all your contributions however much or little they may be….please help. Thank you.

£2,728.08 raised of £1,000 target by 64
Please help save lives in Yemen

Testimonial CrowdFunding Exposure Getting Max Therasuit Therapy

This is ‘Max Lenoir’, a happy, cheeky, and adventurous 4-year-old living in Darwin. Max has Dystonic Cerebral Palsy and has been working hard to learn new things daily. On the night before his 4th birthday, I told him he was getting so big. He answered “Yes, I will be 4 and I want to learn to walk all by myself”

$14,462 of $10k goal Raised by 154
Getting Max ‘Therasuit’ Therapy

Testimonial CrowdFunding Exposure Staff of Team Rock

Today, 73 members of the Team Rock staff were told that the company is going into liquidation and that they are being made redundant with immediate effect with ZERO pay. These are good, hard-working, committed people that through Metal Hammer, Classic Rock, Prog Rock, TeamRock Radio, and more, have supported the rock and heavy metal scene in this country for decades and now we, the rock community, need to pull together to help give something back

£79,855 raised of £20,000 target by 3399
We are raising £20,000 to help the staff of Team Rock

Testimonial CrowdFunding Exposure Bigay Puso sa Pasko Philippines

Dear Family, Friends, & Anyone Else Who Might Be Interested in Helping, This past Saturday, November 30, 2013, while visiting schools here in the Philippines with BKP-California and Books For A Cause, I was fortunate enough to meet an amazing lady named Shirley E. Alambra. Shirley is a teacher at Lupang Pangako Elementary School located in Phase 1 Urban Poor Payatas B, Quezon City, Philippines

$945 of $116 goal Raised by 38
Bigay Puso sa Pasko (Philippines)

Testimonial CrowdFunding Exposure Help Kyan kick cancers butt

Hello my darling family and friends. For those of you who don’t already know, (I’m sorry I couldn’t tell you all personally), my son Kyan, who is 7, has been diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin’s B-Cell Burkitt’s Lymphoma. There is an aggressive tumor in his head. He started Chemotherapy last week and up to this point, he is remarkably well and still in good spirits.

$6,420 of $10k goal Raised by 54
Help Kyan kick cancer’s butt

Testimonial 7 CrowdFunding Exposure Give For Greg

Greg Gilbert is known to many as the singer and guitarist of the band Delays and as an artist. To me, he is my fiancée, my joint adventurer through life but most importantly, the daddy to our two baby girls Dali (3) and Bay (1). He has recently been diagnosed with stage 4 bowel cancer that has spread to his lungs and to our horror has been told that the NHS is limited in what they can do to save him.

£113,025 of £100k goal Raised by 4,849
Give 4 Greg Gilbert

Testimonial CrowdFunding Exposure Vanessa Hancox Medical Help Fund

Our dear friend Vanessa Hancox was diagnosed with Stage 3, Duct-Cell Carcinoma (Breast Cancer) in April 2016 and was just diagnosed with a metastatic tumor on her left adrenal gland. We are raising money to help Ness with her medical bills as she has not been able to work for almost two months & will be unable to work for the duration of her illness

$13,095 of $50k goal Raised by 138
Raised for Vanessa Hancox Medical Help Fund

Testimonial CrowdFunding Exposure Bezalel PDA Heart Operation

Our journey is one of those journeys that are less traveled. Have you heard about german measles? I’m sure you do in your childhood days and had been experiencing it.

$4,220 of the $5,682 goal Raised by 45
Raised for Bezalel’s PDA Heart operation

In October 2015, Toby was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. He completed a course of chemotherapy at UCSF in San Francisco, but a CAT scan taken a couple of months later indicated that cancer had spread to his liverHelp Toby Hemenway Meet Expenses While Fighting Cancer

$41,115 of the $25,000 goal. Raised by 824 donors

Testimonial CrowdFunding Exposure Solidarity for Captain Neal Spanier

On August 9th, 2016, Captain Neal Spanier was wrongfully terminated from Envoy Air. After over a decade of employment at Envoy, and after faithfully serving several years as elected Chairman of ALPA LEC Council 83 (DFW), Captain Spanier was individually targeted by the company for his constant and tireless defense of Envoy pilots and our CBA. S solidarity for Captain Neal Spanier

$12,000 of $13k goal Raised by 203
Donors for Captain Neal Spanier

Testimonial CrowdFunding Exposure Neds testing

My son Ned is 8yrs old and has an undiagnosed medical condition. He was initially born with hirschsprung’s disease and then we found out he had microcephaly, along with being unable to gain weight, a severe intellectual disability, and a few other trivial problems. At 8yrs old he only weights 16kg

$6,375 of the $4,500 goal Raised by 54
Raised forNeds testing

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Here are some Kickstarter & IndieGoGo Campaigns:

Testimonial CrowdFunding Exposure Peter Noodles MacFarlane

Unfortunately, our inspirational skipper Peter “Noodles” MacFarlane completely shattered his shoulder blade on Grand Final Day March 14, 2015. Noodles didn’t exactly have the best of luck this year also breaking his leg and missing the first half of the season

$8,935 of the $2,000 goal Raised by 80
Raised for Peter

Testimonial CrowdFunding Exposure Firefighter Whitney Webb

Firefighters are a breed of individual who answers a call of need 24/7..365 days a year. They are prideful, giving, compassionate, and will give it all if needed to any stranger. This fund page is being established to help one of our own that is in desperate need. Firefighter/Paramedic Whitney Webb is not only a firefighter, but she is a wife, mother, and an amazing individual. Those that have had the opportunity to have her in their life know that firsthand.

$9,780 of $10k goal Raised by 153
Firefighter Whitney Webb

Testimonial CrowdFunding Exposure Help Mia Presch

On Thursday 8 th December, Mia Presch our 3-year-old neighbour was diagnosed with Wilms Tumour, a rare children’s Kidney Cancer, which affects only about 70 children a year in the U.K. We have known Mia since she was a baby. She is a clever, adorable, beautiful little girl who likes to visit her neighbors, and has just started Great Corby School nursery.

£6,290 raised of £5,000 target by 222
Weʼre raising £5,000 to support Mia Presch

Testimonial CrowdFunding Exposure Help Sali Pay Mortgage

My friend Salli Grant sadly lost both of her children Jackson 17 and Millie 12 in a tragic traffic accident on the A36 near Salisbury on the 10th of October this year, in her words “On October 10th my world ended” and if the Loss of her children wasn’t bad enough the knock-on effect of this unbelievable tragedy is that she has lost income from their loss. Salli is a self-employed fitness instructor and runs a company called Happy Hearts

£17,823 raised of £25,000 target by 79
Weʼre raising to Help Salli pay some of her mortgage

Testimonial CrowdFunding Exposure Help me publish my childrens book

My name is Karen and at the age of 37, I was diagnosed with peritoneal cancer and given up to one year to live. Through treatments and surgeries, I have lived beyond that timeframe and am hoping to be here to watch my 7 and 3-year-olds grow up. During my journey with cancer, I’ve learned so much about how to deal with big emotions and crises.

$9,355 of the $7,000 goal Raised by 167
Help me publish my children’s book

KickStarter Be Our Next Success Story Crowd Funding Exposure

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