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Best GoFundME Indiegogo KickStarter Crowdfunding marketing agency?

What is the Best GoFundME Indiegogo KickStarter Crowdfunding marketing agency?

CrowdFunding Exposure is a step above the competition when it comes to bringing backers to your campaign. We offer services that only help you have a massive crowdfunding campaign but also go forward with a large community and marketing plans to further strengthen your business. We have an unmatched success rate and most campaigns raise 10-20 times their goal, here is why:

PR Specialist to get you high online exposure. We form carefully crafted pitches and reach out to a network of bloggers and influencers in your niche.

Specialist Paid Media Marketers to reach as many backers as possible. We have hit the top 1% of ads on Facebook consistently with our marketing experts. (Doing just PR like many other agencies is gambling on your campaign’s success by leaving it to other’s hands)

One assigned Crowdfunding expert for any time of crowdfunding and marketing consultation via E-mail or Skype.

Campaign Management, Designing, Content Creation, Branding, and Pre-campaign works.
Email and PPC campaign marketing

Raised Million$+ in many successful campaigns

Flexible payment plans with fixed or percentage-based options for larger projects on a case-by-case basis. (There are options where you pay no upfront fees)

Every single aspect of marketing and engagement is carefully analyzed and we take a lot of risks to give you this hassle-free experience.

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