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Yulieth’s family is displaced and needs protection

Hello, compassionate souls,

I reach out to you today with a heavy heart and a plea for help. My name is Yadira, and I am the sister of Yulieth Fuentes, a courageous woman whose life was tragically cut short by criminal groups in the municipality of Simiti, Colombia. Yulieth was a beacon of strength, refusing to succumb to the demands of these criminals, and paid the ultimate price. Her memory lives on, fueling our determination to seek justice and uncover the truth behind her untimely demise.

Since that fateful day on May 25th, my family’s world has been shattered. The threats we faced, demanding that we abandon our pursuit for justice, forced us to leave everything behind. We found ourselves displaced and seeking safety with our relatives in another city in Colombia. However, the malevolent forces haunting us have managed to track us down once again, leaving us in constant fear for our lives.

With no choice but to continue our search for sanctuary and security, my family has decided to seek asylum in another country. This decision carries the weight of hope and uncertainty, as we strive to protect the lives of eight individuals, including two young children and a pregnant woman. Their innocence and vulnerability remind us of the urgent need to find a safe haven, free from the constant threat that has plagued us.

But we cannot embark on this journey alone. We humbly request your support, both financial and moral, to aid us in this critical time. Your contributions will help cover the costs associated with the asylum application, as well as provide for our basic needs, including housing, food, and transportation. Every dollar brings us one step closer to the assurance of safety and the chance to rebuild our shattered lives.

The darkness that has enveloped us is formidable, but with your support, we can bring a ray of light to our family. Together, we can stand as a beacon of compassion and justice, refusing to let Yulieth’s life and her unwavering spirit be forgotten. Your contribution, regardless of its size, will make a significant impact in our lives, enabling us to overcome the obstacles that threaten to crush our hopes and dreams.

To make a difference, please visit our GoFundMe page and consider sharing it with your friends, family, and networks. In doing so, you become a part of our extended family, united in our pursuit of truth, justice, and safety.

On behalf of my family, I express our deepest gratitude for your empathy, generosity, and unwavering support. Your contribution will not only change our lives, but it will serve as a testament to the indomitable human spirit and the power we hold to uplift one another in times of despair.

Thank you for standing with us, and may your kindness be a source of inspiration for others.

With heartfelt appreciation,

Yadira and the Fuentes Family