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Young Entrepreneurs Need Your Help Best IndieGoGo Marketing PR Agency

I am the father of 4 boys who have been trying to find ways to make some spending money for themselves. I hope you will watch their video and consider giving to the development of their business startup. I am really proud of them not just because they want to start a business but because they also recognize that they need training and help and want to get that from an event called Drone Command in order to better prepare them to launch and succeed with their business.

My sons have been asking if they could rake the neighbors leaves or mow lawns and start their own business, but were sad to learn, as they asked the neighbors around us, that lawn services had already been filled by other kids in the area. However, when they saw me watching the promo video for Drone Command they immediately became interested, and wanted to know more, and if that was a business that kids could do. Well I honestly wasn’t sure, so I emailed the Drone Command people and asked them if it was age appropriate for my sons to attend. They assured me that it was a great business for young entrepreneurs, and even referred me to a couple of other young participants who had attended their events. I quickly contacted one of them and they also confirmed that this was a business that could be really interesting and exciting for kids to be a part of and develop. This led to several discussions — if they were serious about wanting to try this — and how dedicated they would be to the work it would take. They all assured me that this was absolutely something they found interesting, exciting, and wanted to learn more about. I certainly want to feed this industrious spirit but we are not able to outright fund such an adventure, thus the boys suggested that they wanted to try fundraising. Again, I told them I would help, and that is what led to this video. In the video I asked them a few basic questions:

Why they wanted to start a business?
Why they like Drones?
Why they thought it would be a good business?
What would some of their business goals be?
Why should people give them money to start this business?

I hope you will enjoy the video, please forgive my poor video skills.

The goals they came up with are $3000 to cover the expenses in attending a nearby Drone Command event, a Drone, and some startup business expenses.

The larger goal of $5000 that would help them get more flight training, marketing options, and a website.