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Whoislogo – the first logos navigation system

Digima di Bonomelli Francesco - Whoislogo - the first logos navigation systemImprove communication with WIL the system that allows anyone to use their own logo as a promotional vehicle. Help people keep in touch!


How important is a company’s image? Undoubtedly very important, perhaps even essential.

It is the business card, the first impression that the company gives to prospective clients.

The logo, in particular the image linked to your logo, are without a shadow of a doubt, what at first sight can create a company’s likability.

The logo is present on products and advertising, past, present and future, for this reason is the ideal tool to communicate with users.

To do that, we simply have to make it interactive.


Nowadays, companies can take advantage of numerous tools to promote their business and manage communication: reaching potential customers via mediums such as:

  • address, tel, email, offers, website, Special Offers, Blog, eCommerce, Amazon, App Store, Beanche, Blogger, Digg, Ebay, Facebook, Flickr, Google Play, Google+, Instagram LinkedIn, MySpace, PayPal, Pinterest, Reddit, Rss, Skype, Spotify, Stumpleupon, Tumblr, Twitter, Vimeo, WordPress, YouTube and others…

Such platforms are so numerous that it is impossible to promote them all through traditional methods (business cards, letterhead, labels, flyers, billboards, magazines, etc.)

whoislogo is the administrative panel that allows anyone to upload a logo containing all information (name, address, phone, e-mail, etc.). Utilizing whoislogo‘s custom QR code, the brand online presence and contact details can be accessed instantaneously by the user.

In order to benefit from whoislogo logo recognition we have set up a pay package which will allow access to the use of our technology for 365 days.

WIL is the free downloadable app that allows users to view all information about a brand registered on whoislogo, in a matter of seconds.


The operation is considerably simple: by activating the app and pointing the camera at the brand logo, the software scans the image and displays all the information that the company owning the brand wishes to convey.

With WIL, companies can use their own logo as an instant advertising system similarly, users can gain immediate access to a company’s complete contact details and online platform listings with the simple click of a button.

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download the first version of WIL



try WIL with demonstration logos to this address

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Unlike traditional product based businesses, we do not manufacture “physical” products, and thus do not need money for production and material costs. Instead our expenses come in the form of people and infrastructure, both hardware and software.

Like all online services to work best we need to be known and used. The more people who usewhoislogo and greater return there will be for everyone.

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Who are we and what is whoislogo? Whoislogo is a project launched by a team of friends and colleagues. We focus on developing Whoislogo so as to become the default standard for logo identification.

Can I add my logo for free? Yes, anyone who owns a logo can enter it into one of our categories completely free of charge.

What data can I enter? You can enter any data you want! Address, tel, email, offers, website, Special Offers, Blog, eCommerce, Amazon, App Store, Beanche, Blogger, Digg, Ebay, Facebook, Flickr, Google Play, Google+, Instagram LinkedIn, MySpace, PayPal, Pinterest, Reddit, Rss, Skype, Spotify, Stumpleupon, Tumblr, Twitter, Vimeo, WordPress, YouTube and others…

How long is my logo’s free plan issued on Whoislogo? The card is issued for 365 days. After this time you can apply for republication again completely free of charge.

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Can Wil scan and recognize the logo listed in the Whoislogo directory? No. Wil can recognize the logo only by switching to Logo Plan Package.

What is a Logo Plan Package? A Logo Plan Package is a business opportunity by which Wilcan recognize the logo. Users that frame a Logo from a magazine, poster, product, etc., can get all the information connected with that logo identification quickly and easily.

How long is my logo’s payment plan issued on Whoislogo? The card is issued for 365 days. After this time you can apply for republication or you can change plan if desired.

Any logo is recognizable? Not all logos can be recognized. For this to happen a logo must have certain characteristics.

What features should a logo have? To be recognized, a logo must have some corners. If a logo consists of only curved lines our system will find it difficult to recognize.


If I take a Logo Pledge and my logo is not recognizable what happens to my subscription? Your pledge will be converted into QR + and will have a fixed price for the corresponding years of the amount paid.

do you want to be sure that your logo is recognizable? send your logo to [email protected] in jpg format and 500px max size. We’llrun a test and we’ll tell you if your logo is recognized by WIL.

What is Wil? Wil is the application that allows anyone to get each datum associated to a published logo quickly and easily.

How does Wil work? Wil uses the camera of your smartphone/ tablet for recognizing images entered into the Whoislogo’s database and return a response. The response is a card with logo, company name, address, website, offers, and social networks by which the company operates !

How do I use Wil? Open the Wil app, click on button Logo Scan. Focus as much of the logo as you can on the screen – the logo must have 2 dimensions and any closed optional graphic elements switched off. Wil will automatically scan the logo to confirm its presence in the database. If the logo is detected, the logo card appears.

How do I detect which logos I can scan? Being the project in a preliminary step, the logos number is still short but will increase day by day based on the number of businesses concerned with sharing the project. Down-the-line you will be able to recognize the scannable logos easily, thanks to an icon appearing next to them (check it here)

Why is it not working? There are very few reasons why Wil cannot recognize a logo. however ensure that :

the logo is focused on the screen your camera is moving slowly there is sufficient luminous intensity there is no light reflection the logo is the same as the one uploaded in whoislogo.comthe logo is of high quality the logo is present in your database

Check regularly for any app updates to make sure you own corresponds to the latest and most optimized version. A number of phones are not compatible with Wil because of their slower processing speed, or their poor camera resolution power, however we are continually working to allow the app to be accessed on as many devices as possible.

Can Wil run underground or without web connection? No. Wil needs web connection. If you are having trouble check your connection and try testing your other apps and see whether they operate ( o run) accurately.

Thanks to Josh Woodward for music “Morning Blue”.

Risks and challenges

Whoislogo is nearly complete, after almost 3 years of development, with your help we hope to have a working site 1.0 release 2 months after our Kickstarter campaign ends. The process of creating a new standard from scratch has proven to be an incredibly difficult process, but a very rewarding one as well.

We have an amazing team that continues to work hard, making sure everything is delivered to you on time so you can benefit from the project.

Sometimes timeline goals are pushed back to bring a product that meets and exceeds development, safety, and user experience goals. But we are dedicated to bring Whoislogo to life within the timelines given and make it a successful new communication system.

Any pledge amount brings us one step closer to our goal. Help us make Whoislogo a success by clicking the ‘Share’ button and sharing this page on your social networks.

With thanks from Francesco Bonomelli, founder of the project, and all the Whoislogo team.