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Please please help us! My boyfriend’s ex wife is trying to take his son away completely and he needs to retain a lawyer as soon as possible. She filed continuance after continuance and pushed the divorce out from July of 2017 until May of 2019.

We couldn’t afford to keep a lawyer and pay child support so we went pro se. We have thousands of pages of proof of her abuse and untreated mental disorders and addictions. Medical records and therapy notes showing that her and her family are sexually, physically and emotionally abusing this child and his father with parental alienation. Not being lawyers they apparently needed a certification stamp and they were not admitted as evidence.

Text messages and emails sent 3 years ago from her were thrown out as too old, but issues from 12 years ago were used against us.

We’ve been trying to save Charlie since Bryce flex to a victims shelter at their insistence that he was being abused. He had nothing. He wanted to take Charlie with him but his ex’s father is the former police chief of the county and the corruption and our inability to out lawyer a lawyer pro se, hamstrung any attempt to get him safe. The shelter said if the police came they would have to hand over the child and he could be charged with kidnapping.

We fought hard and endured her abuse but it was all for nothing. We lost our request for physical custody in the divorce, but hoped we could find a peaceful coparenting existence, but she is a documented abuser and the win has emboldened her to ignore the orders in the decree.

On the 10th of September we were supposed to have Charlie to celebrate his birthday. Having to drive out there anyway, Bryce stopped in and chatted with Charlie’s teachers and principal and got a permission card to pick him up from school.

When his mother found out she called the school and said that the birthday was supposed to start at 5pm so her mother would be picking him up. And his grandmother took him out a side door before Bryce knew what was happening. So fine, I’ll wait til 5 at the meeting place.

My boyfriend waited at the meeting spot til 5 and when she wasn’t there at 5:30 he called the police for help and went to her house, court order in hand. She called her father and suddenly the police meant to help him, arrested my boyfriend regardless of the fact that he has court approval to be at her house for pick ups and drop offs.

We need a lawyer or this will never stop. CPS didnt help us. The police won’t help us. We are desperately out of money, we lost everything in July just trying to work something out and spent until the 13th living in a room of an Airbnb trying to piece things back together.

When they arrested him, she stole dishes from Macy’s my mom sent us to start over from my car before it was impounded and the police won’t take my police report.

When I had that sick in the stomach feeling when they never came for the party I called the jail and found out. I had surgery scheduled the next day. I bailed him out. $200. Had to drive shortly after surgery to get my car out of impound without pain medication another $160. If this hadn’t of happened starting October 1st we were building towards real financial stability.

I am applying for payday loans and driving Lyft and working full time, he works full time and he’s doing odd jobs, on Friday she filed a citation to take away our visitation and we need a lawyer stat.

We found a great one that works in the county but is not affiliated with or influenced by her father and he handles complex cases, but we don’t have the minimum $2500 retainer needed by Friday and that only gets us about 12 hours of legal assistance. Please help.

We want Charlie safe. We need help. We have nothing. We’ve spent two years borrowing money from friends for filing fees and taking out loans and it’s destroying us to a point we will never financially recover.

We have videos of Charlie describing his abuse unprompted. We have therapist notes. I will share them. I want to save this child. I could write a novel about the insanity of the last year and a half that I have been actively here for, but the end is we need help, legal help, a competent lawyer in Delaware county Indiana and it’s urgent.

If you are local to Noblesville IN and need contracting work done, IT work, help with errands anything we are willing to work for the help but we are out of time and cannot fight this corruption alone. Thank you.