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Vivien’s Chance to America GoFundME Boost IDIDIT Campaign Donors

Hello friends, and Merry Christmas as of the day that I am making this “gofundme” for one of my closests friends. The friend of which I speak is a girl by the name of Vivien Simis. She has been living in Germany for the past year now, and was forced to move there with her mom and step-dad because of her mother needing medical treatments, and them not being able to afford them in America. The last time she lived in Germany was when she was six, she is now almost 17, and it is a place she despises due to all the bullying and harsh treatment she underwent whilsts living there as child. Initially she was depressed to have to leave America to move back to the place she despised, but when she got there it even got worse. She had to move into a three story house with a lot of her relatives. Sounds good right? Well I thought that at first too, until she exclaimed and sent me pictures of the appalling and disgusting household. She told me when she first walked through the door she could hardly breathe and almost vomited, along with this there was mold all over the floor and walls, as well as dust and other unsanitary substances. Even now before she leaves her room in the house she always puts on shoes because of how disgusting the floors are. Furthermore, she is so embarrassed of this fact that she has only showed me pictures of the house, and she will probably be mad at me for explaining how disgusting her living conditions are in this gofundme, but I believe it is time for a change and I want to help her the best I can. Anyway, to add insult to injury the “owner” of the household, her uncle, is constantly an asshole to her, her mother, and her step-dad, and constantly threatens to kick them out of the house for any reason at all that he may not agree with.

After living there for a little bit she began to be enrolled into school. In America Vivien was a straight A student, however Germany was quick to make fun of her and American schooling. When registering for school, the principal called her stupid and stated she was probably not prepared for the upper levels of schooling in Germany because America was far behind them. Personally, I was outraged at how someone could be so arrogant to sit there and call someone stupid, and then at the same time insult a whole country. Nonetheless, she was put into the upper levels of school in Germany, Gymnasium, but there was only one problem with that… Germany’s foreign exchange student program is complete dog shit. Vivien could not speak, read, or write in German therefore, along with all her other classes (that were in German and she had no aid), she had to take German classes, and later she also learned she had to fully learn another language, in it’s entirety, while also still trying to learn German. Also, keep in mind, this is not like taking a language class, she has to be fluent in these languages to move to the next year of schooling. She has to be able to be fluent in reading, writing, and speaking in both German and Russian to move into the next year. Needless to say, a year was not enough time for this and she was already held back once, and now she is coming on her second year to take the tests to see if she is fluent in these languages again, and if she does not pass them, she will have to go to a school for people who are too old to go to normal school. Along with all this, the government will force her to work once going to this school and she will be in an awful situation.

Through all of this she has been so depressed. I can’t even count the number of breakdowns she has had, the amount of times she has cried, or just simply wanted to give up on everything. As a friend who has been by her side, through good and bad, for the past seven years, it hurts me to hear about her situation. By making this gofundme I hope to help her in some way, to get her family enough money to come back to America so that she does not have to suffer any longer. I set the goal for $1000 as a start, because I hope it would give her and her mother hope as a start. So please, if you have any extra money to donate to them it would be the best gift you could give to Vivien and her family. Thank You.