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Vet needs Home Improvement Help Youcaring

Looking to help out my grandpa who’s a Veteran with a lot of house repairs. He can’t do it all himself & we need the money to get help & in order to make life easier not only for him but for everyone in the home.

One reason why I decided to try this is because my family has relied on my grandpa for years, & he has always been hardworking and a great man. Even if I don’t meet the tremendous goal, contributing a little and making things easier on him would mean the world considering he has to go to work to build homes everyday while he’s hurting in every physical way possible. I’d love for him to be able to take a breath because something important is paid for & he won’t have to worry about breaking the budget.

The biggest things; new septic system & new plumbing ran, new electricity, insulate our home, finish our basement, along side many other things. There is no way that he can do this on his own, we need to hire professionals & need the money and materials in order to get it all done. Thank you for your support, even $1 means the world, God Bless.


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