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i live in South Carolina i am a disabled Vet on a fixed disabilty income for 30 years i have major set backs and moved around from place to place living with friends that i shared half the rent to find out i have to move again and again because my friends used the money for other things rather then paying the rent. the last friend i was living with for several years 9 months ago my long time friend that i lived with had some issues beyond his control he told me i am going back to michigan which left me to find myself another place to stay. left everything behind got in his truck and left. my Supposed Friend let me move in with him for 9 months then we got a notice that the land lord passed away so again i had to move. this time to a camping ground that has cabins this time i am on my own. but this is not why i am asking for the funds. 30 years ago i was married had a car and a Drivers license and got divorced with my kind heart i gave the car to my ex wife i could not see her walking. the car and insurance was in my name. she got into a accident and never paid for the damages ( so it went on my record and because of this i lost my license ) nor changed the car or insurance in her name. now to reinstate my license starting from scratch with a permit and pay lawers fees amung other fees to get back on my feet on getting my license and hopefully a cheap car to get around to the market. i am in need of help with trying to get my license back any amount is much appreciated i bless you for helping a vet and many thanks.