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Urgent Lung Transplant for Mira GoFundME Marketing PR Agency

This is Mira, married and a proud mother of two sons living in Loznica, Serbia. Mira has been diagnosed with Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis (IPF), a lung disease that results in scarring of the lungs for an unknown reason and will be fatal if she does not receive a lung transplant very soon.

She receives oxygen from a tank around the clock, this only helps a little bit. Sadly, there are no medications or transplant surgery available for Mira in Serbia. On Nov 4th Mira went to Vienna, Austria, and met the doctors at The Vienna General Hospital. They approved her for a lung transplant and Dr Klepetko claims it is rather urgent.

Her insurance in Serbia does not cover this life saving operation. This transplant surgery is her ONLY chance to survive. The surgery will cost 120.000 euros. This will cover registration on the waiting list, transportation to the Vienna General Hospital, the operation, hospital fees, post-operative check ups, medication and medical equipment.

The family has used up all their savings for medical treatment. Now she needs us to help her. This is her last resort. Please be so kind and help, give Mira a chance to live and a future with her family. We can do this !!