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UniCon 2017 GoFundME Donors PR Agency

About This Project
UniCon Enterprises is looking to bring the action to London with a Multi-Fandom event in summer 2017. With an amazing group of skilled and experienced volunteers, we envision an event that brings together LGBTQ+ Film, TV and Literary fan favourites in an action packed convention weekend.

Whilst our focus is about celebrating and empowering women, men and minorities, at heart, UniCon is an event created by fans, for fans. Not only will it be an opportunity to showcase charities and support systems that are available for our community, but it will also be an opportunity to get up close and personal with guests that have, or are currently portraying LGBTQ+ characters within popular entertainment.


A popular central hub for Europe with ease of travel and a rich diverse culture made Central London an obvious choice for an event like this. We have been working with a few possible venues and will finalise a decision based on date availability and services best offered for what we require.

Whats In Store At UniCon 2017

An action packed three day weekend that will include everything listed below and more.

Incredible guests!

Whilst we are still approaching a lot of talent from the film, TV and literary industries from around the world, we have a very experienced booking agent on board who is leaving no stone unturned and our expectations are high. As soon as they start rolling in, we will be making announcements.

Amazing panels!

From cosplay to guest Q&A’s, these will be your chance to get the lowdown on upcoming projects, set secrets and much more.

Autographs, Photo and Meet & Greet opportunities!
(Extra fees apply)

Be prepared to meet and chat with all our special guests who will be in attendance. Our photographer will be onsite ready with their cameras and printing gear. You will not only have the chance to get your photo taken with your favourite celebrity but to also get it signed afterwards (or any other item you like). Then, if you fancy a really memorable moment, you could even purchase a meet & greet.

Charity & Support stands

We intend to bring to and support as many LGBTQ+ charities as possible at our convention and we are currently in talks with several who are excited to be a part of UniCon, just as much as we are excited to support them. Fans will be able to get involved with these wonderful campaigns and help raise awareness.

Artist Alley, Vendors

Your chance to buy or sell merchandise, popular fan art, customised gear plus much more.
With companies like Forbidden Planet interested in attending, you can get all the Funko
Pops, comics, toys and other merchandise you’ve ever wanted.
Vendor and Artist Alley spaces are available so get in touch to reserve your space.

Games and Music!

We’re hoping to have various interactive stands for you and your friends to participate in available throughout the weekend! If funding allows we may also host an after party/concert on one of the evenings. These possibilities are still in the process of being ironed out and will likely be announced at a later stage.

VIP tickets!

Day tickets and full weekend tickets will be available but, as with most conventions, there will also be a tiered ticketing system allowing you to purchase different packages based on preference. These can include early entry, inclusive autographs, photo’s or meet & greet opportunities and merchandise. All our prices have yet to be finalised but we will keep you posted.

How can you help?

Our Target is £15,000

We want to bring as many key industry professionals together so that we can not only create an amazing fan experience, but also an event that will matter and have an impact of epic proportions. We’ve learned how our community benefits when more people can participate and we want you guys to make some lifelong friends and memories like the organisers of this project have done.

So in order to get this project off the ground, we require your help in any way possible. If that’s by spreading the word, then great! Thank you. If it’s by pledging, even better!

£15k will go a long way in allowing us to handle the deposit costs involved in hosting an event of this size, hiring furniture as well as some other minor costs. If we surpass that, we’ll be able to extend the convention even further.

“Together we are strong, so let’s prove to the world what we can achieve as fans because everyone deserves to meet their hero”

Come check us out on Social Media here: UniCon, Twitter ,Facebook