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Treatment for Scarlett

Scarlett was diagnosed with a rare neuroendocrine tumor in December of 2015. Those that have followed her or personally know her, have seen the fight she has fought. She did 4 rounds of chemo to only find out that it was not affecting the tumor :(. She then tried the experimental immunotherapy and after 5 rounds of it, Scarlett ended up in the ICU from kidney and liver failure.

In April we met with doctors that said that they would be willing to do surgery, so Scarlett moved in with me (Robyn) and my family so that the surgery could be done in Dallas. In early September the doctors took a biopsy to make sure that the part of her liver that they wanted to leave so it could regenerate itself was healthy enough. Sadly it is not so surgery is now off the table.

On September 28th she began radiation which everyone knows is not good for your body.

Today October 4th we meet with a wellness center based in Plano, he told us about this place in Tijuana that has cured 100% of the patients that have come through with ALL types of cancers. It is called the Hoxsey clinic,
that is what this go fund me campaign is all about.

Please help me get to Tijuana to be able to start Scarlett on their treatment ASAP.

On September 21st Scarlett turned 30 years old, she is way too young to be taken from us!!!