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Support our Young Conducting Scholars for 2016-17

Caroline Sindall Support our Young Conducting Scholars for 2016-17DONATE Today!

Please help Sing for Pleasure’s investment in choral futures, by supporting scholarship places on our 2016-17 Young Conductors’ Programme.

Launched in 2013, national choral charity Sing for Pleasure’s Young Conductors’ Programme is a vital bridge between music education and the professional music world.

The programme offers a year’s tuition in all aspects of conducting for up to 8 scholars aged 21-25. It provides exceptional and transformative musical experiences for talented young musicians who aspire to a conducting career, but whose financial circumstances prevent them from undertaking specialist training.

Our programme is specifically designed to develop the musicianship and leadership skills of these talented young people, through a combination of workshops, practical technique teaching, one-to-one mentoring and podium time to embed the skills they have learnt. With their training in place, these young conductors are then ready to play their part in revitalising the country’s choral future.

However, the programme’s benefits extend beyond training the scholars themselves, reaching out via their acquired skills to the other young musicians with whom they work – and to the audiences for whom they and their choirs perform. In this context, the programme makes an important, wider contribution to the continuing vibrancy of the choral world.

Our 2016-17 programme begins in November, with scholars due to be selected in the late summer. This year, we’re asking our members, supporters and choral enthusiasts across the country to join us in our mission to invest in choral futures, by pledging to fund up to 2 scholarship places. Please support us with your pledge if you can, and please share our project far and wide with your networks – thank you!