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Support Rainier Therapeutic Riding GoFundME Marketing PR Agency

Hello! I am CW2 Sandy Hawkins (Ret)

I am asking for your help in funding the Rainier Therapeutic Riding Program (RTR), which serves Joint Base Lewis McChord (JBLM) and the local VA. I have committed to raising $2000 or more by this next Thursday, November 17th!!

The GoFundMe link is:
This is a Non-Profit organization. It is included on the list of the United Way’s annual drive, and is a tax deductible donation!

This program’s mission statement is:

Rainier Therapeutic Riding uses horses to facilitate physical and emotional healing for our nation’s heroes and their families while promoting the growth of this mission throughout the world.

This program helps the participants in learning how to readjust, cope, and connect with life after the battlefield. RTR even makes weekly trips to the American Lake VA facility with their Therapy ponies! Disabled Veterans participatants look forward to it every week! It’s amaziing to see!!

RTR is in great need of monetary donations-and hay! You can donate hay, too!

I ask of you-please help me help RTR! Give what you can-whether it’s $5, $50, $500-every dollar counts-no matter how large or smallthe donation! Your donation will help bring hero soldiers and veterans back to living their lives. They deserve to know they matter still!

I am a veteran and I am posting this GoFundMe request to help contribute to the lives of my fellow soldiers and veterans who would be lost without this program.
In 2008, I had the privilege of being involved in one of the early research programs regarding Therapeutic Horse programs. The benefit to the soldiers was absolutely profound in some cases, and all of the involved soldiers expressed how it helped provide them tools to reconnect with their family, friends, and society.

Check out RTR’s website at

Thank you with all my heart!!