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My name is Bo I’m Henry’s father and mom name Is Cherry. So down below is our short current situation.
Henry’s mom and dad both working and have to pay extra for preschool and daycare from
7AM – 8:30PM because no one take care of son while they working because Henry’s dad work for the Delivery job and use own leasing car.

So he got off at 8:30PM and mom got off at 11PM so she work at the restaurant as a server.

This it’s not a good idea for the 4 years old kid that have to stay from 8am to almost 9pm and get to bed at 11 after he got dinner at 10pm

Many days the bad things happened Henry get sick at the daycare they call the parents to pick him up but Mom and Dad can not left the job to take him to the hospital or rest at home.

Henry’s Dad make a decision to quit the Delivery job to take care of him and work for Uber from 5AM-5PM 7 days a week and go pick Henry up at the school and take care him till go to bed.

Henry’s mom have one grandson and her mom in Thailand to take care and that grandson’ father and Mather has left him to her because they can not responsibly for that kid.. Henry’s mom she is pity him so she decide to take care of him but now she cannot help her family anymore.

Henry’s family have over bills included Henry’s medical bills from the last time they took him to Emergency room and alot of time they have to use the credit card, borrow money from friends to pay for the bills that they can not handle for over a ten thousand dollars
and this years the family have to pay taxes for $7200 back to government also the car They use to work its leasing cars and They have to pay for the over mileage to the dealer when return the car back on October for around $15000-$18000
now Henry’s father had quit the job and take care of 4 years old son with lot of Debt and bills to pay

Now Henry’s father work for Uber to get some money to pay the bills
Because it’s just only one job can flexible time with his son and can go get him as need.

After pay off the debt Henry’s family planning to do a food restaurant business and some investing after they consolidate or payoff everything that can make him have more time with son and wife and don’t have to take him to day care till late night anymore.

Now the first priority is thair son. No matter what one day thay will find freedom and go out to help other people.

God bless everyone