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Support A good, used Wheelchair Van

William Corvo - Support A good, used Wheelchair VanIt’s very important to tell your story. One that’s personal, honest, and from the heart.

Provide as much detail as you can. People want to know the whole story.

Be specific about your needs. And give people a reason to help you… right now.

You can do it!


Hello. Allow me to introduce myself, my name is William Corvo, I am a 56 year old male suffering with severe Multiple Sclerosis. Over the past twenty years this disease has taken everything from me, I have tried every M.S. drug out there, with no success. During the past five or six years I have been averaging three to four attacks a year, where I end up in the Hospital, for a week, getting pumped up with massive amounts of Steroids; then I spend the next 3 or 4 weeks, in a rehab Hospital. If I’m lucky I will get a few extra weeks of outpatient rehab, just to get out of the house. I am currently Wheelchair bound and I haven’t been out in the world for the past eight years, except for my trips to the Hospital and rehab, but those are only to and fro trips, not much of outside living. I’ve missed family functions, gathering’s, Thanksgivings, Christmases and funerals, not to mention Dr. appointments and other medical needs that require travel. I have lost my career and my home, basically my life feels pretty much over. I did go back to school to learn Graphic arts, however, during my last class, for my certification, I would lose my eyesight for long periods of time, that wouldn’t make for an effective Graphic artist. I flunked the class. I also took several writing classes, in which I was very passionate about, I loved writing since I was a little kid. I wrote a few pieces that were published, the latest was a novel I self published; that I hoped would have brought in the money I needed to buy my transportation needs. ‘Seduction for Hire’ is my book, has great reviews, but, lacks marketing. I would rather sell books than ask for money. I’m hoping to raise the money as soon as possible.


Rest assured, the funds you give would be giving me a life again, I could travel, I can get really involved fighting for those who have M.S.. Right now I’m not even able to get to M.S. support groups. A wheelchair van would give me a new lease on life.

Your help means the world to me, I wouldn’t even know where to start, in saying thank you. I’ll start here: THANK YOU…

If you would like to help me out by buying my book, it’s very much appreciated. “Seduction for Hire” by WK Corvo is available at .. Thank you so very much.