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Stop Socialism From Destroying America. GoFundMe Boost ViralExposure EMWNews

Stop Socialism From Destroying America.

Unfortunately, our government has been Infiltrated by an Anti-American Substance of Ignorant ‘Useful Idiots’, that are here to— Take America Down. Their Agenda is ‘The New World Order’. Social Values and Social Injustices are to be Dictated and Enforced via the United Nations. Free Speech, Logic, Reason, Free Will and The Right to Keep and Bear Arms are Taboo. Everybody will pay a Carbon-tax to the UN. Mother Earth will be Destroyed Soon, if We Do Not Comply.

Systematically, they have Taken Control as they Established our ‘Fake News Media’, Enlisted Hollywood Entertainment and the Music Industry as well as our Schools and College Universities. Thus, our Sacred Institutions are Now Infected. The Social Influence is overwhelming. It is A ‘Culture Shock’. Young American Minds are Manipulated Daily as they are Deceived and Misguided In the Name of Socialism. The Government will control the Economy.

The United Nations will Control the Governments.
Alas, they strive to DIVIDE— ‘We the People’ by Promoting Free Health Care, Free College, Free Income, Everything will be FREE as long as you do what you are told to do. Vote for Socialism! It Sounds Great but, ‘FREEDOM is Not Free’. Socialism SUCKS… Socialism is like a Cancer which Multiplies, Invades and Destroys— Healthy Societies as the Will of its People Suffer until they Wake Up and Fight Back. Wake Up America!

Thanks and Semper Fi
Robert Karpie

“Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same.” Ronald Reagan

Only 57% of Millennials believe the Declaration of Independence better “guarantees freedom and equality” over Communist Manifesto.

The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America Check out Video on YouTube Here…

Voices of Freedom

Victims of Socialism in Venezuela Warn U.S.: ‘Don’t Fall for It,’ ‘People are Eating from Trash Bags’

Young Americans Against Socialism. Telling the Story of FREEDOM To Our Generation. Wow These Kids Get IT…

We Have to Teach Our Kids about American History; both the Good, the Bad and the Ugly. Hopefully they will realize that America is a Precious Nation, which offers Opportunities Galore. Potential Awaits All. They must Learn the Values of Trust and Respect, so they can be Proud to Be an American. Grateful to be Alive— Here in the U.S.A. United We Stand. Divided We Can Fail. ‘Made in America’, use to have Special Value. Lets Make America Great Again! MAGA! God Bless President Trump! Vote for Trump in 2020. Socialism will Destroy America. Socialism Sucks!

Traditions have Value. There is a Time for Thanks and Reasons for Sorrow. Praise and Show Respect and Gratitude for All Our Veterans; because Freedom is Not FREE. Many Americans died as they Sacrificed Their Life— Fighting for Our Basic Rights and Freedoms as well as Human Rights. Unfortunately, we take them All for Granted. But, the U.S. Flag is more that just a Status Symbol. It should Remind us All about our American History. Many Police Make History Daily as they are Killed on Duty because Laws must be Enforced. They too are Heroes and Deserve Honor and Respect, as do our Fire-fighters, Boarder Patrol Agents, ICE and All other Law Enforcement Officials. God Bless All of Them and Their Families; whom have to deal with their Grave Loss.

By the Grace of God, Kids must be Willing to Learn— Reading, Writing and Mathematics; as Education is the Key to Success. We should Praise and Encourage a Positive Attitude and Make Learning a Fun Experience. Laughter is a Memorable Recall. Failing, Practice and Patience are all part of the Experience; for both the Teacher as well as the Student. Never give up! Quitters Never Win, Winners Never Quit. Trade Schools are just as Good as Collage. Competition is Good. Winning is Better. if you are Proud of Your Job, it Won’t Feel like Work as You Love what You Do. Rock On… God Bless America. Home of the FREE because of The BRAVE! In God We TRUST. Amen.

: The Declaration of Independence , The U.S. Constitution , The Bill of Rights , and other Amendments to the Constitution .