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Stop the Foreclosure on my Moms home FREE GoFundME Marketing

We have court on the 3rd of October, they are asking for 8,000 now. We sent 2,000 that we came up with, but they sent it right back saying they needed the Full Amount by October 17th. We are staying positive but we need help.

Im starting this gofund me because it’s literally the last option. I want to start off by saying my mom is a angel sent from heaven. I dont know what we would do without her. I don’t want to even imagine it. We are in a bind. We owe 89,000 on the house and are is behind 5000. They have put the home up for foreclosure. We are to pay the amount past due of 5000 before the end of September. We’ve come up with little money seeing as she has been unemployed for a few yrs because her job was bought out and they forced workers to take their pensions. I recently lost my job and can’t help with bills. My little sister who works 8hrs a day at minimum wage is the only income source coming into the home. Her money is not enough to. I try hard everyday to get a job. But its very hard in Chicago. Please….if you could give $1 it truely would be appreciated very much. I can provide the foreclosure letter and any other information regarding my pledge. Thank you for reading..God bless and love 4 all.