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Discover Stack & Sprout, the groundbreaking vertical plant growing system designed for urban gardeners.

Stack & Sprout: A Vertical Gardening System For Patios


meet the stack and sprout


Stack & Sprout was founded by Nicholas Chepesiuk, Marie, Ryan, and Brandon Austin – entrepreneurs who have collectively built successful companies in various industries.

While trying to garden on their condominium patio, Ryan and his wife Marie experienced what most people living in urban areas do – a lack of space on the balcony. It was a challenge to find products that were affordable and easy to use.

Also, living in a major city, gardening stores were less accessible to find. Ryan and Marie would travel to gardening stores to buy pots, soil, plants, and seeds… not to mention having to clean messy soil bags after attempting to garden on their balcony.

Having built a successful Kickstarter product in the past, Ryan and Marie called on the help of Ryan’s brother, Brandon, and their long-time friend, Nicholas, to bring the idea of Stack & Sprout to condominium patios around the world.

Little did they know it would take over 3 years of hard work to accomplish this.


With no green thumb required, our goal is to make growing plants, herbs, and vegetables easy.  Simply stack each middle section to your desired height, pop in a smart soil capsule into a pod with your favorite seed, and fill the water tank. Then, let the Stack & Sprout do the rest. Soon enough, you’ll be harvesting your very own fresh herbs and veggies for cooking, crafting cocktails, and more!

Easily grow your favorite herbs and vegetables!


Stack & Sprout eliminates the mess, the constant attention, and the space-consuming headaches of growing herbs and veggies on your patio.

Compared to other home horticulture solutions, Stack & Sprout is not only more budget-friendly but also incredibly user-friendly.

Thanks to its modular vertical design, it only occupies a 1×1 square-foot space and can be stacked as high or as low as you desire. Gardening has never been this much fun!

One of Stack & Sprout’s most unique features is our patent-pending pod design. In the early prototypes, we encountered limitations on the size and health of the plants.

Extensive R&D and field testing revealed a flaw in the standard pod design used in current vertical gardens. Traditionally, plant growth requires ‘graduating’ to a larger ecosystem to accommodate root expansion. The same principle applies to standard pod designs, which can restrict plant growth if confined.

Our innovative pod design offers an organized root system while enabling your plants, herbs, and vegetables to flourish in size, health, and fullness!

Take a peek inside Stack & Sprout, and you’ll discover the secret to robust plant growth – our unique pod design. It fosters long, healthy roots and encourages your plants, vegetables, and herbs to flourish, achieving fullness and impressive size!

Another innovative feature of Stack & Sprout is our smart watering system. Our system ingeniously directs water from the base to the top, creating a gentle, simulated rainfall effect. This patent-pending design not only keeps the water fresh and continuously circulating but also ensures natural water distribution, guaranteeing that every stack receives the care it deserves.

In addition, our rotatable base lets you effortlessly swivel your garden for optimal sunlight exposure, ensuring your plants, herbs, and vegetables thrive.

Stack & Sprout’s design channels water from the base to the top, and uses a drip system that creates a gentle cascade that mimics the effects of natural rainfall, ensuring each stack receives the perfect amount of water.

Lastly, we wanted to make it a breeze for gardening newcomers to grow like a pro with Stack & Sprout. Everything you need comes packaged in a single, user-friendly kit. Our smart pods deliver the ideal nutrient balance to ensure your garden will flourish effortlessly in no time!


For three years, we’ve put our hearts, time, and personal funds into developing Stack & Sprout. Now, we’re excited to introduce our project to the Kickstarter community, seeking your support to bring our vision to life through our first production run.

A year into prototypes, we learned a hard lesson that the initial wick and pod setup we invented didn’t work. So, we iterated until we came up with the smart soil and one-of-a-kind patent-pending pod design.

Our rigorous testing and prototyping journey over the last 3 years, finally led us to you through Kickstarter.



Stack & Sprout has undergone an extensive journey of designs, prototypes, and rigorous testing to get to this point where we’ve successfully grown a wide range of plants, herbs, and vegetables and field tested.

Currently, we’re in the final phase of our R&D, with the last round of iterations anticipated to take another forty-five days. Once completed, we believe we’ll be ready for our first production run of Stack & Sprout units.

We’ve turned to the Kickstarter community to seek your support in funding the final stages of R&D and in supporting us by being the first customers of our product for helping and allowing us to bring the Stack & Sprout to market. Join us on this journey and help us achieve this significant milestone together!

For every full vertical garden set purchased, Stack & Sprout pledges to plant a tree.

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