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SPECIAL NEEDS FOR BRAD GoFundMe Booster Promotion CrowdFunding Campaign

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Brad Jenks graduated from Everet High school ,he is a quadriplegic with Cerebral Palsy. At this time he is bed ridden. There has been alot of bad events in his life that has lead me to ask for your help.

Brad has lived in this house with his dad for 31 years . Five years ago his dad moved out leaving Brad and his caregiver Richard Stearns in the home. Now his dad has become very ill and has decided to stop paying on the mortgage which means Brad will have to find a new place to live.

Unless i can raise enough to perhaps pay off the mortgage and have his dad do a Quick Deed to put Brads name on the title. He loves it there because it is on a lake where he spent alot of time fishing. He doesn’t belong in a home. He is a smart loving. caring man who loves his animals and his independence.

If you go to his Facebook page and read some of his short stories about his life you might see why he is such a special person. Richard has been super great taking care of Brad they are very close ,, like brothers.
We have called several services trying to find help but the all say the same..

Can’t do anything till he gets the Eviction Notice and then there is no guarantee the can help. If Bradley gets to keep the home there is a program that will make the home barrier free .He has alot of special Equipment that takes alot of room.
Please find it in you heart to help..