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Solidarity Funds for Les Cayes Viral Marketing GoFundME

ORGANIZER INFORMATION: Fondation fideh is a non profit institution registered at the Department of state of Haiti. It is published at the official news paper of the Republic of Haiti” LE MONITEUR” under the number 220 in 170st of independence. it is administered by a group of professional, such as : Economists, Doctors,Teachers and accountants.
The foundation fideh is headquartered in port-au-prince and has branches in other regions in Haiti such as; in les cayes and les Nippes> Fondation FIDEH has already realized projects in Haiti that funded by donors, such as: European Union, United Nations,and Fondation de France.

WHY THE FUNDRAISING CAMPAIGN?: The hurricane Matthew has been causing enormous death and destroyed houses , all agricultural food, mangos, Beef, and all materials in haiti basically in LES CAYES where there are 336 dead, 4 missing, 211 injured and over 60,000 people in 191 shelters. Now, Due to this Hurricane, People living in Les Cayes are at Food insecurity.
Meanwhile ,We have families , friends and a branch In les Cayes and the Fondation fideh is committed to contribute to the improvement of the life conditions of Haitian people; That is why we are asking your financial support to enable us to provide immediate relief to the victims such as: hygiene kits, foods and water to people living basically in the localities of pesmel, Demoins, Picot and Laval -in LES CAYES. We also will rebuild 50 houses that have BEEN destroyed by Matthew.

OPERATIONS AND ACCOUNTABILITY: For the realization of the project , There will have a special delegation to coordinate all activities during the distribution of the items and the construction of the houses. The money raised will be kept in separate banking account. Each items purchased will be registered in the accounting ledger. At the closing of this project there will have a financial report that will be available to iur web site where donors will see how the funds were spent.