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Shannons Medical Needs Boost IDIDIT Campaign

Please help Shannon pay for medications (INSULIN and many others), along with helping her get through the month on payments.

This is a request to help my daughter Shannon. Her father and I would help her, but we cannot due to the high medical expenses we have for me.


Shannon is a fun loving woman who has fallen on some hard times. She has lost her medical insurance. Shannon ran out of her medication in February. She needs to pay for her INSULIN and HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE medication out of pocket. Shannon has been w/o insulin for over a week. She needs this in order to live. Below is a photo of her 3 children, whom she loves.

She has applied for Obama Care and it will go into effect on April 1. However, she is DIABETIC and needs her medication. She has applied for prescription assistance, but did not quaify.

Earlier in February she had seeked emergency treatment. She is currently in treatment for anxiety and depression, which is a mental health issue causing disability.

She needs her medication plus money for gas to get her to and from her treatments. I don’t know how many realize how it is to have anxiety and depression, but I tell you it is life changing.

Shannon ran out of her medication in February. She needs to pay for her INSULIN and HIGH BLOOD medicine out of pocket and her gas to drive back and forth for treatment.

She only needs a short term help. Anything your heart shows you to give will help.

She needs to move from her current home. She also needs to pay her car payment, rent and a deposit to move as she will be getting rental assistance and she needs someplace that excepts it.

We really appreciate that you took the time to read this and understand what Shannon is going through!