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My name is Mohamed Idris and I am a high school senior at the Denver School of Science and Technology (DSST-Stapelton). For our senior year, we are supposed to create a project in which there is a problem or a situation in which it needs awareness. For my senior project, I want to challenge myself so I am trying to create a tuk-tuk/ bajaj/ rickshaw. I am creating a rickshaw from scratch and creating videos so people from 3rd world countries such as Ethiopia, Sudan, Brazil, Cuba, India, and other countries who use these 3 wheel transport vehicles can create their own from scratch rather than import them from China and other manufacturing countries. A 3 wheel vehicle like the one that I am creating costs more than $6,000 just for one and I like to try to create one for about $1,500. In my home country of Sudan, people sit around trying to find a job but the economy is on a downfall and most people work on these 3 wheel vehicles to transport vehicles but almost 90% of their profit is given to their lender for letting them use their vehicle, and the 10% left is used to buy food and pay expenses. For most people, they only earn only $300 annually in which they have brothers and sisters who depend on them. If people in my home country like Sudan learn how to create a rickshaw, it could create a lot of jobs in which the country in no longer an importer but an exporter. I am writing this to ask for help to fund my senior project. I need about $1,000 to buy the needed tools and materials to build my rickshaw.
-Steel: $749
-Wheel Bearings: $13.88
-Battery: $33.99
-Wheels: $97.59
-Engine and torque converter: $237.98
-Welding: $100
-Seats: $50
-Accessories: $100
-Other Expenses: $100