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Save my mother from losing her home GoFundME Boost IDIDIT Campaign Donors

I am doing this campaign for my mother, who’s done so much for me. She lives in Alaska, now. She moved there 10 years ago with a close friend with thoughts of romantic involvement after living the first two decades of my life as a single mom (during which time, she did a fantastic job despite all the hardships).

They bought property together, and built the cabin in the photo together, with thier bare hands.

Her friend died suddently not long ago, a year or more now, leaving my mom to finish the payments on the land to herself.

Unfortunately, there’s a time limit on the land contract which expires this spring. My mom has done a fantastic job keeping up with payments even with not always being able to keep great employment due to the isolation of that area of Alaska. There just aren’t that many jobs short of a fishing boat.

In short, I am asking for help with donations. My mom spent alot of investment in that relationship, alot of time and money building her home the way she wants it, and alot of blood and sweat went into that place, and now she is risking losing it because of a time clause.