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Jack Delaney
No this isn’t about somebody who is dying, or about somebody losing a loved one and needing help for funeral services. I understand how those are far more credible reasons for running a campaign. My campaign is about quality of life. After leaving the military, putting in 9 years of service over 3 of which I was deployed, I found it extremely hard to adjust to civilian life. Diagnosed with PTSD, depression, anxiety, and mixed bipolar disorder I was in and out of the hospital. I battled alcoholism, eventually becoming successful after treatment. I was placed on a plethora of medications, none of which could cut the edge, most of which I suffered the side effects. A friend of ours introduced us to a saltwater fish tank, then eventually corals. The colorful, peaceful creatures seemed to calm me, and the maintenance kept me focused. We kept several tanks, different corals and fish. Unfortunately we had a financial crisis and had to sell all the systems. The peace of mind, focus, and security I felt while keeping those corals and fish is a calm no medication could provide. This is why I’m running a campaign, in hopes you would help a veteran provide himself with a calming, peaceful outlet in his home.