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Road From Maryland To Texas GoFundME Boost IDIDIT Campaign Donors

Good Morning Everyone, We have put this campaign called Road from Hagerstown, Maryland to Austin, TX together for Crystall Babii. Crystall Babii has been invited to perform at the RockFest in Austin, TX on March 17th in front of 10k potential fans.

Now, this is not a paid event so we are asking for your contribution of $2000 to make her Dream a reality. The money would go towards her performance on the larger stage, flight, hotel and food while she is there. Crystall while in Austin, TX will also perform at the RedGorilla Music Festival and the Mansion Party. So, She will be there a few days performing.

We need the $2000 dollars by March 5 to lock in her performance and book her trip. We are not asking for more then she needs because we don’t want to take advantage of her supporters.
Crystall Babii just performed at the “Next To Blow” Pre-Grammy party in Los Angeles, CA February 11th, 2017 which was also out of pocket.

Your support for Crystall Babii would mean the world to all of us. Crystall Babii would give a shoutout on live IG and Facebook to everyone that contributes to her Road from Maryland to Texas Campaign.

Crystall Babii will have a Facebook – Road From Maryland To Texas page up so you can follow what’s going on, see pictures and watch live streams of her trip to Texas.

We appreciate you taking the time out of your business lives to contribute to Crystall Babii’s Dream and all of you mean the world to us.

Have a wonderful rest of your week and again Thank You for your support.

FTP Music Group & Crystall Babii