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Relationship Journals – Helping couples become better partners in just 13-weeks

Campaign launches on July 13, 2021

The Relationships Journals helps couples become better partners together.

The Relationship Journals contains 2 journals: one for each partner and a guidebook. It’s an intentional, sided framework that helps grow a couple’s love together through exploration, self-awareness, and discovery in just 13-weeks.

Each week is structure with weekly sessions to enhance and appreciate all aspects of the relationship. Couples will learn how to show up fully in their relationship, so they both feel seen, heard and loved. They’ll also learn how to minimize underlying issues and disagreements that may hurt their connection and create a vision of what they both want to experience as a couple so they can live their best life together.

Backed by relationship psychology, couples will explore and learn:
– Proven habits, rituals, and skills for becoming better partners
– How to build “love maps”
– Techniques to cultivate increased intimacy, security, respect, communication, and appreciation
– A framework for ‘relationship work’ that makes it easy to talk about ANYTHING and EVERYTHING