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Recoverthol has created a world-first in hangover recovery GoFundMe Boost ViralExposure EMWNews

What if there was a way to prevent hangover symptoms from even starting? Recoverthol is the world’s first liquid supplement that can be added to alcoholic drinks without affecting the taste.

After years of research and development we launched Recoverthol in Australia in 2018 with a large following of satisfied customers. Please help us to take Recoverthol to the rest of the world by supporting our global expansion.

Unlike other liver tonic-based hangover products that contain herbal ingredients to alleviate the symptoms of alcohol consumption, Recoverthol only contains fuel for the enzymes involved in alcohol metabolism.

Recoverthol has been specifically designed to be added into alcoholic drinks so that the necessary fuel can reach the enzymes at the same time as alcohol. This is a world-first innovation in hangover management which promotes the more efficient metabolism of alcohol whilst you are drinking.

Other hangover prevention products on the market attempt to tackle symptoms the next day (when they are in full swing) or at the end of a night of drinking when the damage is already done.

Recoverthol is different as it starts to work right from the time you start drinking and assists in avoiding the development of hangover symptoms from the outset.

Some of our customers have also reported that Recoverthol assists in reducing the symptoms of Alcohol flush syndrome (Asian Flush) which is caused by the build up of toxins associated with alcohol consumption (i.e. acetaldehyde).

Recoverthol is superior and more convenient in comparison to other hangover products because:

It has a unique delivery method which involves SNAPPING and SQUEEZING a small liquid supplement into a drink.

The formulation is clear, and when added to alcohol it is odourless and tasteless. It will not affect the taste of your drink.

Recoverthol is taken when you start drinking (not before or after) so that you can get ahead of your hangover symptoms before they even begin.

No additional fillers.

Each dose is a small 2ml liquid vial that can easily fit into your pocket or handbag.

Recoverthol is TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration – Australia) listed and manufactured in Australia in a TGA and FDA approved facility to ensure the ingredients and manufacturing processes are of the highest quality and standard.