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My friend has a Rare Genetic Disease & has fallen through every crack of the system. Loop holes have held her from proper care. An American born & worker person unable to get the assistance she needs from the Government Red Tape loop holes.

On the verge of being homeless & in serious danger with her environment; Dr’s have ordered her to move to Florida where she’ll be at ‘sea level’ & the humid salt air will be here friend versus the extreme heat & hot dry air here in NV.

unable to work for quite some time & after all the disappointment that since she was born here in this country & after she worked since she was 14 in this; SSD has never been available for her due to loop holes in the system.

Now in medical debt and very ill with this Rare Genetic Disease & now Dr. orders to go to FL as soon as possible for the ‘sea level’ & the humid moist salt air for her health.

This Rare Genetic Disease has affected her liver, lung, heart, colon, kidneys, eyes & skin and she has special needs for detoxing & clean purified water & nutrition & Florida’s sea level & moist salt air is her best medicine as those who just give her a pill has caused more problems. She will need some care giving for those times of all the intravenous infusion times (once a week infusing into a port in her chest since her liver doesn’t produce this then it needs infused in her every week) & times of catching virus’ from the public. She has pulmonary hypertension here in this elevation which will be reduced at sea level & the moist salt air will loosen & heal the lung tissue.

she is on oxygen 24/7 & is in need of proper food & water filters & bath for detoxing her skin since her liver is so severe; the next large detoxifier after liver failure is the skin which has been damaged so badly due to the liver’s incapable of detoxing well at this point. She needs a liver transplant but no funds to assist her in this.

We had chosen a Florida destination time for her for Nov. 15th of this year (2019) . She needs housing, moving expenses, her medications, her nutrition & all to follow her in such a short time. She needs detoxing capabilities for quality of life.

Already on the verge of being homeless & with medical debt & falling through the cracks designed for those like her she is struggling for her next breath in such a high elevation & such dry air.

We’ve chosen an available small out of the way away place from the low income Government services housing where they smoke everything & constant 24/7 noise level & the crime is tremendous. Her abode here has been broken in to so many times they even came in while she was sleeping….. the Government that won’t help her at this time due to the years waiting list of everyone before her. A place where she can find the peace is all she request & the freedom to be more healthy for as long as she can through these treatments available only by your generosity. She needs the fresh humid salt air of Florida & the level at sea to give her more ease in breathing. The right to choose & be as healthy as she can be in her last chapter of her life.

She is very ill & going to be homeless very soon & has medical debt & no funds to move 2,000 miles to Florida for her health. She is so ill & will need movers to help load & help unload for her & assist with set her up in her place. She lives alone & is alone here with out any family or friends support & feels very hopeless at this times.

We have chosen a location in Florida & housing available for her in Florida near some distant relatives & she needs assistance to get there & be assisted in moving at her chosen location.

All she request is peace & to sit on the beach from time to time in her last chapter of her life; as she struggles for every breath here in this elevation & dry air & no means to get to her wellness destination & have a place for her with out the help of you.

She spent her life taking care of all of those around her & where are those people now? Such is life; the care giver rescuers & the takers take.

Please help those who have helped others all her life.