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Raising smiles and hope for those who have lossed children with Photo Manipulation and printing services FREE Crowd Funding Promote Boost IDIDIT

After loosing several children to an array of pre-birth complications i found myself in a heavy depressed state and needed to find a way back out of my situation and learn to cope with my loss. i found no such luck with local services to help me and my family deal with the losses and quickly fell out of sync with the world, all was not lost to me when i stumbled across a great bunch of people online helping people like me to deal with their loss in some fantastic and new ways.

before long i found myself helping out with their work all done by volunteers who spend enormous amounts of time each day providing a great service to those who have losses with an array of graphics dedicated to their loved ones and photo repair skills pushed beyond anything i have seen before tying to fix poor or badly damaged photos of people they had lost.

enter me i have many years of doing this exact thing photo editing and graphic design, except with one very big problem my equipment and the shear cost of the software has held me back trying to raise money for loans to buy equipment is not an option and i really want to give back to these guys in a big way. I spend my time right now teaching others to use the very skills i have and i want to do more and have my own set of equipment i can use to drive these services to the next level helping many others to feel the benefits of what our team does.

I want to do this for these people as a thank you they have more important places to spend their hard raised cash and this is were i feel i can help the most. here is what i plan to do with your contributions
1 provide our team with up to date technology instead of ageing technology kept working on a shoe string budget
2 update our software
3 introduce the options to print and send copys of our work to the people who need it most