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Rainforest Preservation Project IEENI Global Foundation GoFundME Campaign

IEENI Global Foundation
International Essene Educational Network, Inc.
A Not-for-Profit 501 (C)(3) Corporation
Our Mission is to preserve the Rainforest and Vilcabamba Valley of Ecuador by transforming them into World Heritage Parks. This is a Global Model to protect the world’s food seeds and the lands of Indigenous People in every country.

Our Foundation owns 6 acres
 Board of Directors established
 We have a land option to buy 400 acres
in Vilcabamba Valley
Phase I: Next 6-12 months
Purchase the 400 acres of land
 Our foundation will meet with the
President of Ecuador and submit a
proposal to structure the Rainforest
and Vilcabamba Valley into World
Heritage Parks.
 Plant hundreds of fruit trees
 Develop Organizational Infrastructure
 Marketing and Branding
 Architectural/Engineering Plans
 Land Project Construction
 Development of Agricultural Land
Phase II: Next 12-24 months
Construct a Wellness Eco-Retreat
 Build a Green School for Children
and Resident Cottages
 Form an Ecuador Foundation
and three for-profit Companies
Phase III: Next 24-36 months
IEENI GLOBAL Project opens for
 Wellness Eco-Retreat welcomes
International customers.

Michael Solomon, Founder/President
 Manny Aguilar, Vice-President
and Treasurer
 Paul L. Warner, Secretary

The President of the foundation is asking for financial donation of seed money to send the Vice President to an International Environmental and Humanitarian conference in the Southwest of the USA.

We are grateful of even the smallest donations.
For a donation of the remaining amount, a sacred tapestry will be gifted to that donor.
Please send whatever amount you are capable of, to make a better world for all of us!