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My PTSD Is Winning GoFundME Viral Promo

I’m not able to work while I’m undergoing medical treatment. I just need help to get through the next couple of months.

Oct 19. For those of you that are following this. I have noticed a difference. I am starting to feel a little bit more normal now. A lot less anger, anxiety and depression. I am still physically unable to work. Hopefully that will be corrected in about another month. Unfortunately it could be longer.

Sept 29 Turns out my neck bis causing part of the problem. I am seeing a chiropractor that thinks he can fix it. Because the VA can’t get their head out of their ass. I’m paying for this myself. This apparently was caused from a motor vehicle accident that happened in July 1992 while I was serving in the military stationed in Germany. I was on duty in a military Humvee at the time of the accident. This makes it a service-connected injury.

Sept 22, I am a veteran that suffers from PTSD. I have dealt with this for a very long time. Until now I have been able to manage it. I am at a point that I am not able to manage it. It is preventing me from being able to work. I am receiving treatment. Unfortunately this takes time, time that I cannot afford to be off work. I have also applied for short term disability to help during this time. Unfortunately this does not happen overnight. Those of you that know me understand how hard this is for me to do. I need to keep my independence therefore I do not want to have to move in with somebody else. I hate to ask for help, but at this point I have no choice. Even five dollars from everybody that knows me would be helpful if your friends could donate five dollars also. I would certainly appreciate it. Please do not call me and ask how you can help this is not something I’m comfortable with discussing with anybody. I am hopeful that this will take no more than three months before I am back on track again.