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PTSD Veteran therapy motorcycle

PTSD Veteran therapy motorcycleDonate TODAY!
Hello my name is Jeff Hopton. I am a 23 year veteran of the US Army. I also am a 100% disabled veteran. I served two tours in Iraq at the end of my military career. I was medically evacuated out of Iraq during my second tour due to an injury and a subsequent infection. I spent two weeks hospitalized in Landstuhl Germany where my life hung in a balance due to a spreading infection in my body, fortunately with iv antibiotics they were able to save me.
My tours in Iraq will always be with me and the horrors of war will forever haunt me. The brothers I lost over there. I will never forget there faces and think about there families that will never get to see them again. I need something to help me keep my mind off what I have been through and to also be therapeutic for me. I have recently attended the Harley Davidson rider course. Wounded Warrior project in partnership with Harley Davidson made this possible for me to attend. I have rekindled a passion for motorcycles I lost back in my teen years and find that it could possibly help me heal and keep my mind off of what I have been through.
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If you find it in your hearts to help me I will purchase a motorcycle that I can ride to start my new journey in life. I would like to do this as soon as I can. If I can get a motorcycle it would be such a great help to me and my mental health to be able ride and be free of thoughts and problems while riding. I would be so thankful for all to those who have helped in my time of life that I need help getting through. I thank you for your time and caring about veterans.
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