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Please help save our cat sanctuary! GoFundME Viral Marketing

Hi, my name is Kathryn Rushent, and my sister, Jessie Spiece, and I have been running an informal cat sanctuary in our home for 30 years now. In that time, we’ve taken in over 150 abandoned, abused, or neglected kitties, loved them, fed them, paid their vet bills… and kept them and loved them until the day they passed. Besides picking kitties off the streets, we’ve been given cats by neighbors, vets, and even pet stores. Right now, we have 26 furry babies living in our home with us, ranging in age from ten months to fifteen years.

But now the Airdrie City Council has passed a bylaw that will only allow resident to have three cats in their own home, no exceptions. It doesn’t matter to them that this means local shelters will be overwhelmed (and there isn’t even a shelter in Airdrie), or that many animals will have to euthanised because some people who have too many or can’t afford the licencing fee will shove them out the back door.

Bottom line: we gotta get out of this place, as soon as possible! The need for homes for these otherwise unwanted pets is so great – and we love both the kitties and caring for them. This is truly our calling.

But I live on a disability and my sister was forced into retirement three years ago. We can’t afford a downpayment on a new home in an area that would welcome our furries and ourselves, much less than pay off the mortgage here.

So I’m asking anyone who loves animals – please, help us save our cat sanctuary! Help us continue to care for and love kitties, and to take more in whenever necessary. The need for loving homes will never end, and we will keep doing this as long as possible.

HUGE thanks to anyone who gives, from Jess and I, and from Biggles, Stinger, Bibicky, Kallie, Nicky, Loki, Six, Jazz, Jetski, Jojo, Zammies, Nomi, Helter, KitKat, Tigger, Fluffers, BC, Leah, Furbee, Miko, Ricky, Misty, Honeybabes, Sylly, and Boobahs the seeing-eye cat for Bandy, our blind dog.