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Pet Nest, an amazing pet bed you will love!

Mike H Gillett Pet Nest, an amazing pet bed you will love!Pet Nest, an amazing pet bed you will love!

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Looking for a comfy spot for your cat or dog to rest. Introducing the Perch Pet Nest.

The Perch Pet Nest is an elevated pet bed specifically designed for cats and dogs that makes lounging about more comfortable. Its ergonomic construction works with most pet breeds and sizes – and breaks down quickly for easy travel and cleaning. Plus the Perch Pet Nest lets you swap out parts and go from a covered hide-out or a hanging cave, to a cool mesh bottomed basket in seconds. Best of all, the Perch Pet Nest comes in a beautiful designer print, so it will look great in any space.

Get it on KickStarter:

Help us get started by funding our Kickstarter! We need the funds for our first production order..”