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Cancer Check Up Test help with Medical care GoFundME Booster Promotion CrowdFunding Campaign

Hi, my name is Robin I’m so blessed to be cancer free, but unfortunately the insurance companies don’t pay 100% of your hospital or Doctor’s bills. I had 2 cancer surgeries that I have been paying on the best I can until I lost my job and insurance had to take a job with much lower wages. With the lower pay I can’t pay my normal everyday expenses and have been falling behind in paying my bills.

Since I have no insurance and have a cancer checkup in June, 2017 I have to pay cash for or I have to cancel my appointment.

The amount I’m asking for will pay for my cancer checkup and lab tests needed to help me stay cancer free. Its so important to keep this appointment to make sure they don’t detect any more cancer cells .

Thank You for your support