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Let me tell a little more about me. I’m a family man, have always been. I have a job which doesn’t cover a lot of my bills. I have a 2 years old son which looks up to me to take care of him. Honestly, I thought life would be easy but, Its not. I also, have three steps daughters, who dads don’t send them anything. Me as their Step Dad, I have to take care of them because I love their mother. Plus, I’m also a college student still trying to earn my degree in Computer Science with minor in Math. Right now funds just isn’t right.

Now, I’m two months behind on my rent, If I don’t raise enough funds by the 28th, my family will be homeless. Honestly I fill embarrass because I never needed any help before. As a man this can hurt your self-esteem. I found a web Developer to do my website, which he is willing to compromise on pricing. He also did research on my business, which he gave me some good news.

The news was ” there is a market for my business and that my business can really take off in the next few months”. So the Campaign fund can really help my family and launch my business. I appreciate any donations I receive and I will keep you posted on everything..

Help a great Family man and his family today at

I am a hard worker. My online business is which I’m also on Facebook as a verified business owner. I have my DBA license. I starting my campaign fund basically to grow my business. Money will be used for advertising and improving my website.