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Our Heavenly Father Help Us

My name is Tammy. I want to share a story with you in hopes that an opportunity to put a roof over their heads and somewhere they can call home.

I met Renee and her 7 boys a few years ago when they moved in across the street and my son made new friends in them. I came to know them and her beautiful boys and they became close to my heart. I was instantly amazed at this woman and how she raised these boys despite the traumas and trials they had been through, and how she put them and their needs first while struggling not only financially day to day but also physically from issues that stem from botched surgery of her stomach which she cannot address and fix due to insurance issues.
Sadly, they were forced to move and we lost touch for a year until one day a couple of months ago one of her youngest reached out to my son to ask if he could come stay the weekend with us. I came to find out that due to dead ends in housing authorities in Seattle and the homeless epidemic Seattle has that they became victims to it and have been living in their SUV for almost one year.
How this woman does this while now also transports all of her boys to 4 different schools daily that is if she has the gas to do so. I can only help so much with occasional dinners and weekend stay overs and it kills me that I cannot do more, so here I am! My heart cries out for them and to you!!!!
They are forced to look far outside of Washington for better housing in Nevada and are taking a leap of faith now with an SUV that isn’t necessarily dependable to a new city in hopes they will find a home they can actually plant roots in.
They are driving there with only the clothes they can each fit in a bag. They can only hope to eat everyday and only hope that the new city will bring them opportunities they desperately need immediately. They have no home ready yet, so they will stay in their truck until the housing authority there is able to help them.
I’m hoping and praying that whoever reads this will read to end and see boyond justo another story and hope your heart lends merci to them and either donate what you can and if you cannot please lend a prayer.

This woman has fought most her adult life struggling to raise her boys and overcome rediculous obstacles just to keep a roof over their head and struggle to survive daily. I raised 3 kids and I cannot even imagine doubling that without stability. This is a strong woman who is only holding on by a string of hope!!
The goal is to help with immediate housing, food, clothing, furniture, either new car or an overhaul for safety!! But most of all to see hope in a tangeable way!!

Thank you in advance for your donations, your sharing this post and any prayers!!!
Help spread the word!