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Orio Isamu – A humorous manga tale of 1st time intimacy

What’s it like to be trapped in Hell for all eternity?

Well if you’re Orio Isamu, princess of the demon world, Hell is boring as f**k!

Being royalty, Orio basically doesn’t have to lift a finger in Underworld and spends most of her time reading Hentai she acquired from up top while imagining what it would be like to experience sex with a mortal.

With her mind made up and against her father’s wishes, Orio decides to escape from Hell and enter the human world in search of a sexual experience. She defiantly enrolls herself in Enomoto Shoraku Academy and it is there that she meets HIM, Mizuno Yoshiiku, the highly intelligent but socially challenged boy who no one seems to notice…

At least until NOW that is!

More than just an ecchi, Orio is a humorous tale of two people exploring intimacy for the first time with all it’s ups and downs.

Let’s meet the some of the supporting cast…

Kiyabu Takao – Kiyabu is the heartthrob of Enomoto Academy. Every girl in the school desires to be with this guy and he loves it. He’s also Mizuno Yoshiiku’s best friend. Well at least he WAS until Orio Isamu showed up and started dating Mizuno. He just can’t seem to get over the fact that there’s a female walking this planet that doesn’t want him. HIM! This has become a point of contention in his and Mizuno relationship as he hatches plan after plan to steal her from him.

Shiba Keiko – Shiba is the hottest girl in at the Academy. Well at least she WAS until Orio Isamu started attending. The female counterpart of Kiyabu Takao, she is/was every males fantasy and destined to bear the children of Kiyabu or at least that’s what she believes. She’s totally pissed at the fact that Kiyabu is obsessed with Orio and is constantly plotting ways to embarrass her in front of her fellow students.

Yamaha Yataro – Yamaha is the headmaster of the Enomoto Shoraku Academy. Not only is he a closet perv who secretly lusts over the students that attend the academy, both females AND males, but he’s a huge Naruto fan who walks around school wearing the robes of the Akatsuki and practicing nonexistent jutsus.

Kirigaya Yoshiiku – Kirigaya is Mizuno’s mom who you probably won’t see too much since she refuses to die alone since Mizuno’s father left, so she spends most of her time going on dates with guys she meets on the internet. It’s no secret that her parenting skills are VERY lax.