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Old World Radio is creating Vintage Audio Drama, Videos and the best Voice-Acted Radio Mods Patreon Boost IDIDIT Campaign

I am creating a continuing project called “Old World Radio – Boston.” It started out as a radio station mod for Fallout 4 and is now turning into a full-fledged audio-drama series. I need your help to keep on writing, designing, producing and creating this on-going project.

If this goal is met monthly, I will be able to continue to develop Old World Radio – Boston mod and create new audio-drama series and new stations to bring into the game! I will make sure all content created will be playable for Fallout 4 on PC and Xbox One absolutely free to everyone!

I also have plans to take it beyond the walls of Fallout 4, and continue it for Fallout 5 and all future installments of the franchise as long as I can stay funded. I am currently creating an audio-drama series based off of the Astoundingly Awesome Tales comics found in Fallout 4 in old 1950’s radio play style. I also plan on creating a totally brand new audio-drama series set in the Post-Apocalyptic future, just like in Fallout!

It will seemingly fit right into the lore of the Fallout series with full production value including sound effects, professional voice actors and user-created music. If you haven’t listened yet, please visit..

…and give a listen! Check out the rewards offered and become part of the biggest Fallout audio-drama project in the world! The more funding I get, the bigger celebrity voice-actors and talent will be coming into the future content and much more content will be written and produced! Thank you for visiting Old World Radio – Boston!