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Odessa Red’s $1 Dream Also Helps Teach Our Youth Manners Encourage Self Esteem!

Odessa Red’s $1 For My Dreams Helps Kids, too!

Have you ever had a dream? A dream that takes you out of your comfort zone, but where you are willing to accept the challenge because you believe in yourself if given the chance?! I believe in the American dream, and I am grateful for what I have already accomplished, but I am ready for a new challenge and direction!

Hello, my name is Rebecca Daugherty, I am a patriotic American and my Old West/Victorian re-enactor peers know me as “Odessa Red”. At first it was hard for me to make this decision to create this campaign because it felt odd to ask friends and strangers for help, even just $1, but I was encouraged to move forward by supportive friends. Once I started this campaign to reach out, I became excited about the very real possibility of achieving my dream and helping children in my community.

A little bit about me:

Calico Ghost Town in the Mojave Desert is a place I call my second home. I have long been a Calico Ghost Town “family” member, including the honor of being inducted into the 2010 Calico Hall of Fame. I have donated hundreds of hours over the years, by performing and welcoming visitors from around the world! I am a member of the Calico Mountain Volunteer Gunfighters and we entertain visitors by the thousands. I am a living historian and spend a lot of time researching and educating Calico’s visitors by bringing people from the past back to life! I consider myself a Calico Ghost Town ambassador!

I have been presenting to elementary school children for Career Week in San Bernardino, CA for almost a decade. I encourage children to not be afraid to reach for the stars and explore their world, by sharing with the young students my lifelong motto:
“Attempt each of your dreams to find your destiny!”
I believe part of my destiny is to continue serving and educating our youth, but in a new and inspiring way.

My goal is to raise enough funding to purchase one of the Calico Town businesses. With the purchase, it is my intent to start an Etiquette & Self Esteem Program for the hundreds of children who visit Calico yearly on field trips, eventually expanding to include teaching basic American Sign Language skills. Manners and etiquette are a set of personal skills which are quickly eroding in today’s society, and a lack of self esteem is at an epidemic as well. I want to teach manners basics while building their self confidence in a fun and memorable way. Hopefully making a lifelong impression on them just like my grade school teachers made on me…and who I am blessed to still correspond with!

With your help I can do that! I have the opportunity to purchase Calico’s Candle Shop which has extra rooms for me to create the perfect setting to positively engage, foster, and nurture our impressionable youth! I would be thankful for just a $1.00donationn and for you to share my GoFundMe campaign on your friends page, on your Facebook wall or on Twitter. I am inspired to work in a place that I not only love and thrive in, but where I can hopefully make a difference with our children. It is difficult to acquire a business loan because owning the real estate is often a requirementt and the County of San Bernardino owns Calico’s buildings because it’s a regional park.

What happens to the money if my goal is not met?

Once settled, for each person who generously donated, and who comes to visit me at the Calico Candle Shop, I will gratefully give a thoughtful gift of thanks or return their $1.00. If my goal amount is not met, then the monies collected will be divided and donated to Option House, (a battered women and children’s shelter in San Bernardino, CA where I have regularly donated to for years), a reputable Veterans organization TBD, and to the City of Hesperia’s Animal Shelter.

I am excited about this new venture and I’m ready to retire from almost two decades of serving my community in a law enforcement capacity. Please visit my photos below and see some of the ways I share my passion and belief in our youth and their future. Thank you kindly for your consideration and $1 donation!

Best Regards, Odessa