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My mom (Merilyn Brown of Sundown Postcards) passed away in October of 2013, and I have been paying 60 bucks a month for storage, in Albuquerque, NM ever since. Recently this has become a bill I can no longer afford, with my son moving out (he’s 20 years old) plus slow Ebay sales in June and July. I need to go get my mom’s stuff that I put in storage in Albuquerque New Mexico. I do not have sick days or vacation time at work, and in order to go and get my mom’s things, I would need to take off a week to drive there.

Business picks up online in October, so it would be ideal to go as soon as possible. Things that are in the storage that are very important to me and my son (in the future) are; photo albums from my mom’s childhood in the Santa Cruz Mountains, photos of my parents when they were first married. Some items I hope to fit in the car are kitchen things that were my great grandmothers, a sentimental box.

And as many of her postcards and photographs as I can get, there are some artworks, but not many as I did manage to get those here to Austin around the time of her passing. There are a few film negatives, I am not sure which file boxes they are in, that also could be of value to the original owners of those negatives, as they were made into post cards.