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Never Stop Dreaming

I’m simply raising money to get myself put of debt and to purchase a camper/Trailer or a tiny house. The end goal is to live closer to my sister who has Crohns Disease and help to care for her and help with my two nephew’s and my sister family as much as i can. It’s not the biggest dream in my life but I want to help take care of her.

At the moment I have near $5,000 in debt:

Capital one credit card – $3,300
Beat buy credit card – $1,500
Walmart credit card – $500
Kohls Credit Card – $300

I need to pay those off immediately just so I can begin to save enough money for a down payment on a trailer/Camper or to have a Tiny house Built.

All I’m asking is that anyone who is able to, please just a one time donation of $15 or $20….. Please do so. I’ve never had much luck with these campaigns. And this is the hardest thing for me to ask for help on.

If you donate please know that I am so grateful and humbled by your gift.