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Need to move to a safe neighborhood GoFundME Marketing PR Agency

Are there any Fathers or husbands out there, that ever felt that after all the hard work and sacrifices he has made just wasnt enough for his family? Thats how I feel.

My name is Carmine and I am starting this campain in an effort to try anything in order to move my family to a safe neighborhood. We live in a mobile home park that has become unsafe over the last 2 years. To many breakins and a lot of drunkenness, not to mention the parties and wild cats and dogs and trash.

Managment dont seem to care to much. Some of the new neighbors over the months are having a lot of parties creating a unsafe environment for our children. 3 years ago we purchased a little piece of land in Rosharon were we can move our home there.

Its peaceful and quite and in a safe community for my family. Unfortunately to move our home there it needs 4 things I have bin desperately trying to get. Utility pole, Water meter, Driveway and last but the most important part is a septic system.

You cant have one without the other. I found out that no one finances any of these things. Words cant express how much this would mean to my family and me if I can get us moved there. Me and my wife both work hard and long hours and thats just to maintain our current living situation.

And still cant seem to come up with the amount needed to move our home. All I ever wanted was to make sure I provide a loving and caring and SAFE place for my family. Please any help would be greatly appreciated. I dont want to keep my family in this neighborhood anymore. Thanks for reading and happy holidays.