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My Dream is getting home PR Agency

The past few months have been stressful to a degree that I have not experienced in my life, I recently got the news that my mother is terminally ill ,..she suffers from and has been diagnosed with inoperable breast cancer,..the doctors could not pin point how much time she has left ,they would only say that she has anywhere’s from 1 to 2 year’s to live.

I am devastated as I have gone where I needed to for work believing that I was doing my best and following my path,..I’ve been living for the past 20 years in Holland {Nederland} and working here,but now I realize that family is more important.

I believe I took it for granted that my mom would always be there, I need to get back to Canada and be with my family…getting there means having to start over,to do that I need HELP ..please if you could see your way clear to help me get back home and be reunited with my family,…it would mean the world to me .Thank-you for your support.