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Mr. Nice Ride “designate driver” FREE Kickstarter Boost IDIDIT Campaign Donors

If there is one thing I hhhate it is drunk driving , I am not cursing the drivers as much as some , I mean sometimes they just might not realize what they are doing when they first get behind that wheel , the seriousness and the severity of how it has the potential to impact someones life. If they where better informed perhaps how wise it really would be for them to take precautionary measures , disasters could be averted, keeping the safety others as well as there own. Loved ones can be taken away in an instant lives shattered and not just for the victims families but the drivers as well. I have a very strong initiative about doing something positive to stop horrible accidents from occurring with a ride service I am trying to raise money for. I want to go to every bar in my town and put flyers everywhere , that explain if you can’t afford a taxi have no one and no way to get home call us , and we will do it for free , I mean why is there not a massive nonprofit company already that does this , or a government service ? Lives are being lost everyday , and the way I see it the sooner something can be done the better, if I can I will put a small fleet out there that’s policy will be to concern themselves with designated driving first before anything else even if the money is not there , it’s not even about the money here , I mean what’s more important than someone’s life. That is the basic idea of my startup here , I want start something that really really matters , and I want to help people in there lives there families lives and so many others that could be affected , thank you