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Mother of 4 calling all angels YouCaring Viral Promo

Mother of 4 very recently diagnosed of stomach cancer, calling for help from her angels. She needs at least 6 chemotherapy sessions and a possible surgery. She just got through with the first chemotherapy and she did great!

My siblings and I need your help in covering the massive cost of her cancer treatment. With your kind heart, my mother will have a second chance to life.

She is most loved by everyone for her loving and caring and very friendly personality.

My mother is diagnosed with gastric cancer. Her name is Primrose Alcobendas. She is currently located in the Iloilo province in the Philippines. Her gastroenterologist and oncologist confirm she will need gastrectomy. She then will require chemotherapy prior to surgery to shrink the tumor for removal. Gastrectomy alone is estimated $5,000-6,000. Chemotherapy post surgery is part of her treatment. The chemotherapy will be averaging 45,000 to 80,000 pesos per session ($937.50 to $1,666) and in her case, gastric cancer, she will need 6 sessions of chemotherapy. That is 270,000 to 480,000 pesos ($5625 to $10,000) This does not include the chemotherapy drugs. I am just praying she will not need drugs because the cost will triple.

My family and I, mainly my brother and myself, are currently paying for my mom’s medical bills- laboratory tests and procedures, hospital admissions, physician’s fee, etc. We will continue to do so, in every way we can but we need help. Financially, we don’t have the means to come up with the massive amount of money her surgery and treatment will cost. We are in a time where our options are running narrow and time isn’t exactly on our side. I am looking at hundreds of thousands of pesos to save the life of my mother.

She has four kids who have yet to show her life, the life she truly deserves. She has one grandchild she adores so much. He is 2. She would love to enjoy her future grandchildren and experience life with her four children once again. My parents are not together. The money that will be collected from this fundraiser will go to my mother?#39;s surgery, pre surgery and post surgery chemotherapy and surgeons fee.

This is going to be a long, strenuous fight but with your help, my mother, who is full of life and the most loving person I ever know, will continue to live. She would do anything for her four children and her grandchild. That is the kind of person she is. She is loved by everyone for her kindness and compassion. Anything will help. A prayer is powerful. My siblings and I THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts.